¬°Ashland Trip!

My experience in Ashland was amazing. We did a lot of fun things. For example we had two plays to go to, we went shopping, and we stopped at Starbucks ūüėÄ The hotel was very clean and cozy. We even got to swim afterwards!!

My favorite parts of the trip was watching the second play and going for lunch the next day. The second play we went to was Much Ado About Nothing. The actors really brought out their character and they made it easy to understand. They also made it more modernized for us to understand. It was very comedic and that made it my favorite of the two. Later on the next day we were allowed to go shopping and get lunch at some of the stores. That was one of the other enjoyable things to do because I was with my friends.

Some of the other things that we did was the acting workshop, which was really fun by the way. We also watched Guys and Dolls which is a musical and had very catchy songs. Some of us chose to swim at the hotel pool which got really noisy after the first few minutes. Everyone got to dress really fancy for dinner at the Black Sheep Pub and for the night performance.  We took pictures afterwards that you can go check out here.

I really loved Ashland and if I have the opportunity I will gladly go again next year for sure!! Here’s a side note for incoming 7th graders: It might sound a little boring to you guys at first but believe me you’ll have a blast, so don’t miss out on this trip. Thank you Mrs. Hoke ūüôā



Week #3 Tick-tock..



Photo Credit: Pixabay

Drip drop, drip drop drip drop

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock

My time is running out,

I have no clue how much longer I have

Tick-tock, drip, drop, tick-tock

Words buzz around in my head,

telling me that my time is up

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock

I can hear the faucet leaking

in a beautiful rhythm

Drip drop, drip drop, drip drop

Briiiiiiiiing!!! My alarm screams

“uh-oh, time’s up!” My mind shouts

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock

Just 5 more minutes please?

I’m not ready yet…

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock

Drip, drop, drip, drop, dri-

The dripping stops and I’m no

longer aware of where I am

I feel myself drowning in emptiness,

plunging into darkness


Time’s up…

Goodbye ‚ô•



Photo credit: Pixabay

Its time to say goodbye! This blogging challenge was a little challenging, and fun at times but I tried to be creative in my every post. I think I have grown as a blogger over the months though. I think this May me is much more knowledgeable about this blogging thing than ol’ September me. Here is my blog audit down below.

– I wrote 9 posts, 2 of them were school based and 7 were set by the challenge although some included some of my own interests.

-I recieved 5 comments but maybe it was because I didn’t go and comment on other blogs as much.

РMy Standing out poem received the most comments. I guess it was well written, so more people commented on it.

-I loved writing my Stranded post a lot because it was more like a story.

– Yes I changed my blog theme into a garden one and now its this one with the roses on top. I changed it because it got a little.. boring.

– I have four widgets. I think I could use a few more

– I don’t have any overseas bloggers on my blogroll but I did meet a few people along the way.

– I used compfight, photos for class and pixabay for my photos.

– I think I have grown a little more as a blogger. I had started using different web tools and experimenting with the backgrounds a little more. I also got to interact with a few bloggers.

Now for the second part, I asked my beloved friend Gwynneth to evaluate my blog.

1. Her first impressions were the flowers on my blog.

2. There is a little face on the photo of the flowers if you pay attention and that’s what captured her attention.

3. That same face was a little distraction for her.

4. She suggests that I should try messing around with the colors of my blog design or choose a different theme.

Well this was fun! I will miss blogging and especially my teacher who introduced me to it,( Mrs. Hoke) This was a great experience.. I may try it next year, just maybe.

Have a good rest of your day! ūüôā

Animals Post



This week is all about animals. So why not write a post about kittens? Just look at the adorable little thing. Aren’t they just so adorable? Wait.. what am I doing? Right! The post… I wanted to research kittens because there isn’t really much I know about them other than being very adorable. Their purrs and meows means more than we really think. Lets get right into the research.

Kittens¬†after being born are very dependant on their mother after being born for survival. After 2 weeks, they start to develop. After a few more 3-4 weeks they start to eat solid food and grow their adult teeth, crazy right?? Humans start to show them at around age 6 or 7 and usually by 12 or 13 we’ve lost all our baby teeth. Ok.. let’s get back on topic. But first just look at this adorable photo of another kitten *-*



New born kittens need special attention paid to. As they can be fragile and they just start to open their eyes. Newborn kittens should nurse every 1-3 hours. It is also very important to keep them warm. An average weight for one is about 3 1/2 ounces but its body weight may double or triple within its first weeks of life. As for handling them you should be very careful with newborns especially as it could upset the mother. Kittens are also prone to injury, if handled roughly. You can click here to see where I got this information and to learn more about taking care of them.


Though kittens an be fun to play with and snuggle with, you must be sure you are careful to our furry little friends.

Week 2 My sleeping paper ‚ô•



I stare at my sleeping paper

blank as the day

I get an idea, pick up my jumpy pencil,

and let it dance across my paper

Then my pen joins in and darkens the lines

My colors get up and make it green lime

They fill all the gaps

of my sleeping paper

Finally, my drawing comes to life!

I have finished

I look upon my drawing

on my sleeping paper ‚ô•

Week 1 Talking..



Yappity, yap yap yap

My mouth’s its own non-stopping machine

It goes on about the day

greeting people as I go by.

Yappity , yap yap yap

Slowly it mouths the lyrics to my favorite songs

Endlessly it keeps going till

the song’s over.

Yappity, yap yap yap

It rants about random topics,

to my friends and family

Though I can be shy sometimes,

I can keep going for hours..

Yappity, yap yap yap

My mouth makes a big O shape

Signaling how worn out it is.

I gently purse my lips,

and await for the next day.





This week is all about traveling. I, personally really like to travel. It’s not my favorite thing to do, but it’s pretty fun. I’ve been to California, Washington, Nevada and Mexico.I have visited many places in Oregon all around like the capitol building. It’s very interesting from the inside and has a lot of history. You can click here¬†for more information.¬†¬†I have been to Washington the most because I live closer there and there is more family. If I could visit one of these places again it would have to be Mexico or California.


I would go back to Mexico because it’s been a while since I’ve been there. I have lots of family down there and I really miss them. I remember when we would all gather up at my grandmother’s house and have a big get together. We would have different types of food and deserts. To be honest I really liked the warm sun pouring down on me. Comparing the weather there to here in Oregon, it was pretty dramatic. I got to play outside more, instead of sit and watch the rain fall. The bright sun would welcome us almost every day, that’s something I’ll never forget. I believe the last time I was there was when I was 6 or 7. First or second grade. Right now I’m almost 13 and when I call over they tell me that maybe they’ll set up a¬†quincea√Īera for my fifteenth birthday. Ah.. what a nice family I have.


The second place I would probably go back and visit is California. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there as well. I also have many relatives scattered in different parts. I really loved eating strawberries (a few of my older cousins are strawberry pickers so I had an advantage.) It was also pretty sunny there, except in the morning, it could get pretty chilly. The main reason is obviously to visit family. I have a pretty large family scattered across this country so it’s tough to get in touch with all of them.


Count out to three!

Black Word Bubble

Photo Credit: One Way Stock via Compfight cc

Round No. 1 (All names are links)

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3 James’ Blog

For round number one I landed on James’ blog. I commented on his national day post. His national day was Pug Day! It talked about how you would get a free pug and it would be raining pugs. It was so full of creativity and imagination. He did an excellent job, you can visit his blog by clicking above or here.

Round No. 2

1 Mackenzie’s Blog

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3 Kennedy’s Blog

For round number two I landed on Kennedy’s blog. I commented on her Digital Distractions post. It really described how electronics distract us from the real world and how more and more people are getting distracted on the internet. ¬†It’s full of information and many little anecdotes which entices the reader. I really liked it. You can visit¬†her blog by clicking above or here.

Round No. 3

1 Tatiana’s Blog

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3. Asia’s Blog

For round three I landed on Asia’s blog. I commented on her about me poem. It was pretty well written, and seems like we may have some things in common.I kind of have an idea of who she is and her personality. You can visit her blog by clicking above or by clicking here.

Well that’s all! Happy blogging! ūüėÄ


It’s been about 4 years since my family and I were stranded all alone in this island. Now it’s only me here all alone. I can’t believe I ¬†have lasted this long. I guess I should start this from the beginning. It all started with a plane ride to Africa. We were going to this charity event where we help build schools and homes for people who live in very poor regions. Since it was really far away we got this private jet to take us. My older brother and I sat in the back, while my mother and father sat up front. Everything was going great and we were doing very good time.

But then suddenly, the pilot lost control. The jet was swerving down to the ground. I tried to scream, but no sound came out, as if I was silenced forever. The pilot told us to clam down and to hold on to someone. I held on to my brother as tight as I could, I was afraid I’d accidentally¬†let go. It was getting really bumpy and very fast.. then sudd- CRASH!!! ¬†After a few minutes of lying in pain, I looked around.

“Sam?” I managed to blurt out.

“Sam?” I was worried my brother wouldn’t answer me.

“Mom! Dad! Someone, can you hear me?” I yelled. I stood up and tried looking for them. A second later I saw Sam running ward me. I ran as well and embraced him against me.

“Where’s mom and dad?” I asked. Gently he pulled away from me and said,

“They’re over there” he pointed to the right,”looking for food and shelter”.

“Oh that’s great, but what about the pilot?” I looked around.

“Oh him? he- um- well- he didn’t make it” Sam stammered.

“Aww that’s horrible, he risked his life for us..”I¬†headed outside.It was really sunny and there was no breeze at all. How wonderful would it be if it was like this at home.Later on as the days dragged by we collected many fruits and water. We also spent days building a shelter. It’s not the best, but it’s something. Several weeks passed by and we tried everything to get help but we were unnoticed.

It’s getting kind of lonely and very boring, so Sam and I decided to create a game or hobby to pass the time. But what in the world could we do in a boring ol’ island? It was pretty plain and stretched out for a few miles, it wasn’t very big. It looked somewhat like this,


  Photo Credit: shazwan via Compfight cc

The long wide open trees gave us a nice breeze and a pleasant shadow to sit under. I found a rock and tossed it in the ocean. It made a soft splash sound as it swam to the river. A few seconds later my Sam did the exact same. We both stared at each other, could this really be what our days ended up to? It was getting late so we started heading back “home”. I guess we could call it that by now we were so used it. But then a small little noise caught my attention, it was a a sea turtle!

It waddled up on to the sand and then a few others began following. One of them looked like it was having trouble, I picked it up and saw its poor little leg. From here on out we began helping those sea creatures, and we stumbled upon many many more. Our parents soon joined us as well and it soon became a routine. We passed out time in a way that helped out the sea life. Here is a website of how you can do something similar. It gives you much information on how you can help and pitch in. Click here for more information at  http://www.worldanimalfoundation.net/ There is many other links to specific kind of animals you could help out.

Ok.. bad to the story. By that time.. we had spent almost 2 months here. No one came to us. We tried making a big S.O.S on the sand with rocks and twigs.. but it was hopeless. This was one of the tiniest islands ever. ¬†A few years passed by and we were slowly getting really sick. Soon after, my father passed away. We mourned so much, we didn’t go to the sea creatures for days… I was beginning to ask myself if I was ever going to get out of here.

One year later….

My mother and Sam were off to go get some food, I patiently waited in the shelter. I waited for hours and they weren’t back. After about what seemed to be 6 hours I got up and went to search for them. I looked everywhere, I yelled their names out until my throat was sore. Then I stumbled upon something, it was my mother’s necklace. The one father gave her on one of her¬†anniversaries a many years ago. She couldn’t just leave something like this right here, I told myself. She and Sam must be close! I searched in that area when I saw a horrible sight.

There they were, Sam and mom’s bodies lying there helplessly. It couldn’t have been an accident, blood and a few organs lay scattered. That’s when I realized, I wasn’t safe. Now we’re back to present day, back to where I am now. To this day I’m still waiting, hiding, hoping silently for someone to save me. I don’t think I’ll make it any longer… It’s been years and I’ve gotten very ill. It won’t be long until I… well you know. I hide in the shade then I hear a sound. Could it be a jet? I step out and see a jet coming my way. I Try to wave and I see it coming closer.

Suddenly my eyelids get a little heavy.. I feel dizzy. I can feel the wind of the propellers against me now but I have lost all sense of awareness and I feel myself falling, falling, fall-

I wake up in a hospital bed and see a blur. I survived, I actually survived. I have the wave of colors drown me and silently wait for the life ahead of me.

Let’s talk Favorites!


Photo Credit: dianecordell via Compfight cc

I am known to be a really¬†energetic/happy sort of person. So what do I do on my free time? I have to say I love going outside and enjoying the sun. Usually if it’s really raining or cold I avoid going outside if possible. During the summer is when I’m usually outside. My younger brother follows me and we do all sorts of stuff. We race, splash each other with the hose and other made up games that are really childish! ūüėÄ

Well… what if I’m inside? I do all sorts of stuff as well. I like to draw, go on my computer and play games/watch videos, listen to music, do my nails with many colors, and best of all READ!!!!! ¬†I enjoy many different types of books like, mysteries, and adventures but they mostly consist of fictional stories. ¬†But whenever I am working on something, there has to be some sort of noise (unless of course the noise is coming from my annoying younger brother).

Brandon Mull is an author of many amazing book series like, Beyonders, Fablehaven and The Five Kingdoms. You can go visit his site at¬†http://brandonmull.com/site/¬†¬†It shows his series about him and all sorts of stuff. Well now you know more about myself. Is there any things listed on here that you can relate to as well? I’m sorry this post was so short. Maybe next time I’ll be able to tell you even more about myself. Feel free to comment anything on my page. I want to get to know all you bloggers very well! Farewell for now.